Friday, 16 December 2011

Rochester - Toby Stevens

In 'To Love Again' I based my damaged and dark hero on Toby in the recent TV production of Jane Eyre. I love the broody, moody types and enjoy writing about the heroine smoothing the rough edges and making him smile again.
Have a wonderful Christmas


  1. Oooohh, he's dishy. He'd stand out in a crowd now, wouldn't he? Yes it would definitely be worth the effort of a lot of smoothing to make him smile. Thanks Fenella.
    You have a wonderful Christmas too :-)

  2. Mr. Rochester is one of my favourite heroes! I haven't made up my mind about Toby Stephens though, even though he's a great actor and I can see the attraction. Orson Welles is my favourite Rochester.

  3. I loved that Jane Eyre - isn't there another one due out soon?