Where to Buy Our Books

Finally we have put together a list (by no means extensive) of our works available on Kindle and elsewhere.

You don't need a Kindle device to read these. They can be read on your laptop or PC. Each link leads to that writers Amazon page, or other page, so there may be books that did not first appear in My Weekly or People's Friend pocket novels, so where possible we've listed those here.

Some are the old 30k format but they still give a good idea of tone and type of story that either My Weekly or People's Friend prefer.

Hover over the author's name to bring up the link to their particular amazon (or otherwise) page.

Kate Allan
Secrets at City Hospital
Fateful Deception
The Smuggler Returns
The Restless Heart

Cara Cooper
Safe Harbour (50k romance published by PF)
Healing Love

Fay Cunningham
Love or Marriage

Noelene Jenkinson (opens up her backlist at Kindle) also Noelene's works at Smashwords

Patricia Keyson

Cherry Blossoms

Chrissie Loveday (Link opens up list of all her kindle books)

Fenella Miller
People's Friend
Miss Bannerman & The Duke (The Sweetest Love)
Your Tender Heart (Miss Shaw & The Doctor)

My Weekly Pocket Novels
Lord Atherton's Ward
Mistaken Identity
A Dangerous Deception
Lady Charlotte's Secret
A Country Mouse
The Return of Lord Rivenhall
A Reluctant Bride
Saved for Love - this has another title for regencyreads/Linford
Christmas at Hartford Hall (Festivities at Hartford Hall)
A Reluctant Bride
A Journey to Love - again a different title on regencyreads
All the above are available on Amazon Kindle.
Books coming out this year by Fenella.
Wed for a Wager ( don't know what the title will be - Feb 9th 20120. PF
Miss Peterson & The Colonel (again don't know what it will be titled) May 3rd 2012. PF

Sally Quilford
The Secret of Helena's Bay
Bella's Vineyard
A Collector of Hearts

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