Sunday, 11 December 2011

Advent Hero - Day 12

Okay, I've cheated and used two photos. Now, don't tell me Clive Owen isn't the next James Bond! Just look at that top photograph. I've watched his popularity grow, and I melt each time I hear that deep sexy laugh. The guy is so unassuming. He just "has it". For my money, Daniel Craig just doesn't cut it as 007. The heirs apparent to assume that role must surely be yours truly above or Hugh Jackman or Richard Armitage. Bond producers, take note. :)


  1. You may well be right, Noelene. I was never really sure that Roger Moore really did the role justice. He was just a bit too smooth for his own good. For me it's always been Sean Connery but I'd be prepared to see Clive give it a go! Cara x

  2. Clive is one of those men who has defniitely improved with age. I didn't much go for him in his early days, but he's certainly maturing like fine wine.

    But I'm going to be controversial and say that I love Daniel Craig as Bond. He's a dirty fighter and has got that gritty edge to him that Bond needs. I agree that Roger Moore was far too smooth, though he brought a bit of fun to the role and I can't say I absolutely hate his Bond films. I will sit and watch if one of his happens to be on.

  3. Yes there's definitely something about Clive. Is it his nose? His lips, his voice, his eyes? His ears even? It'll take a lot of gazing at his pics to be sure...

  4. He certainly has improved! Have to agree with Sally re Daniel Craig. I see the whole James Bond thing as bit of fantasy and fun with added bonuses!
    L. Chrissie