Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Advent Heroes - Day Twenty

I've often admitted that I started my writing career by writing fanfiction. And the character I wrote about most was Anton Meyer from Holby City, played by the criminally underrated George Irving. He was the hero of all my stories.

He may not be conventionally handsome, but as Anton Meyer he chewed scenery with stunning effects. Meyer might have been autocratic, and a holy terror at times, but if you were undergoing heart surgery, you'd want him there to save your life. I'm not the only woman who fell for his alpha male behaviour and it's because of George I met my best friends in the world. I started up a group called The Meyerieantonettes (I'm surprised I can still spell it) and met up with some of the members. That was in 1999 and we still holiday together once a year. To make things even better, a couple of years ago, we all went off to see George in The French Lieutenant's Woman, in which he was fantastic as 'The Writer'.

As my friend, Caroline and I were going back to the car park, who should we meet at the ticket machine but George! (Oh and he's just as gorgeous in real life!) I shook his hand and thanked him for bringing me my best friends. We went back to my friend's car, shut the doors and windows then just sat there squealing for about five minutes!

He's not on telly nearly enough nowadays, and I haven't watched Holby since he left, but he still holds a very special place in my heart.


  1. What a lovely story, Sally. The account of you squealing in the car is very funny!
    His manner in Holby City was a bit off-putting, but he is a looker. Craggy but smooth at the same time.

  2. I completely understand what you mean about George Irvin, Sally. He was a loner in Holtby City, a deeply complex character supremely confident in his own ability and totally compulsive. I adored his Anton Meyer character.
    I'd love to know what he said when you told him he was the inspiration for your romantic heroes.

  3. Oh I didn't tell him that, Rena! (though he may have known it as we used to send him funny stories etc). I only told him that it was because of him I met my best friends. I think once he realised I was (reasonably) normal, he relaxed a bit and was very charming.

  4. Haven't watched Holby since...?! Get back in front of the telly now.