Thursday, 22 December 2011

Advent Heroes - Day 22

I'm so excited to be posting my advent heroes today and tomorrow here on The Pocketeers blog. I've done lots of research and it has been very hard narrowing down from the many, many options. It can be hard work as a romantic novelist sometimes but handsome actors can be very helpful in making one's own characters develop in one's mind's eye. Introducing - in a suitably Christmassy-looking picture - the amazingly cute JJ Feild.

JJ played Henry Tilney in ITV's recent adaptation of Northanger Abbey and his cute smile reminded me very much of one of my own heroes - Lord Hart - a Regency rake who was boyish and needed to somewhat grow up during the course of the story.

More recently I watched JJ in Third Star, a very emotional film. He also starred as Mr Beaton in the TV drama about the life of Mrs Beaton.

JJ has a remarkably expressive face for showing open and hidden emotions. He moves from a frown to a smile, to a laugh in a moment, from serious to playful. He also uses his voice to be expressive, from dulcet tones coming from within the chest to more breathless speech as the occasion demands. A great reminder how powerful the voice can be in expressing emotion.


  1. Oooh yes, he's lovely. I'm going to miss our heroes! Interesting to see how similar some of our men are and also what attracts different people. Makes me realise that my heroes need to be different types, to make sure my readers can always find someone they will like. L. Chrissie

  2. You seem to have done an awful lot of research into JJ, Kate!! Thanks for sharing him.

  3. Yes I am very busy researching my advent hero for tomorrow as I'm posting again tomorrow!

  4. Quite a find Kate. He looks just as good in period costume as in his present day persona - I often find they look good in one but not the other!