Sunday, 4 December 2011

Advent Hero - Day 4


Yum. Not biased or anything but my own fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman is not only a handsome and successful actor, he is also a really decent bloke. Have you ever seen a man look so good in a tee shirt? The reason I've chosen him is because he was the star of the movie Paperback Hero about a truck driver in the outback who writes romance novels. [Highly appropriate for our blog I thought.] The fun starts when he becomes published and they use a woman as a front for publicity. The actual Nindigully Pub in outback Queensland was used in the movie but given the name of Boomerang Cafe.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Noelene (Hugh not the pub, although the pub looks pretty nice too). The film sounds fun too, I've not seen it come on our screens yet but shall definitely look out for it!

  2. Okay, I've gone all gooey now and will be good for nothing for the rest of the day! He really is the perfect man. Gorgeous, talented and can play both the tough guy and the big softy. Yum.

  3. He does wear his tee-shirt well, doesn't he. Haven't seen Paperback Hero, unfortunately - it sounds a good one.