Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Advent Hero 14th December

Tristan Gemmill is my choice for today. He played Adam Trueman in 'Casualty'. His character was somewhat tortured by terrible happenings but he played the role with great sensitivity (in my opinion) and I just wanted to hug him better. Actually, just hugging him for starters would have been fine with me. Just my type of man ... tall and slim, dark and beautiful. Think he has brown eyes but difficult to tell. Need to see more of him!


  1. Good choice, Chrissie. Anyone in greens is great and he wears his stethoscope so well!

  2. He reminds me a bit of the actor, Oliver Cotton, with those hawk-like eyes. Does anyone remember him as Cesare Borgia? I had a real pash for him back in the day.

    I don't watch Casualty anymore but he would tempt me back.

  3. We have similar taste in men Chrissy - good choice! This is better than the usual Advent calendar I have to say.