Friday, 23 December 2011

Advent Heroes - Day 23

The 1970s might have created the three day week and the winter of discontent but it also produced charming British actors JJ Feild (see yesterday's Advent hero) and today's Advent nomination, Benedict Cumberbatch (above), born during the hot summer of 1976.

Cumberbatch sprang into my line of sight playing Sherlock in the latest BBC incarnation, alongside Martin Freeman as Watson. Not only was I delighted to see an actor sharing the same name as my son (that being Benedict, not Cumberbatch), but I also he was rather easy on the eye and, as the screen quickly showed, a wonderfully talented actor.

Benedict manages to hold the eye by being utterly engaging on screen. Having now seen him in a number of different roles, I imagine he studies hard for his parts, making sure to give each character their own mannerisms and personality.


  1. Goodness, these heroes seem to get younger and younger. He's looking good!
    Love the name Benedict.

  2. He also shares a name with one of my heroes! My daughter actually met Benedict Cumberbatch a couple of months ago - and reports him to be a very pleasant man. Which is good.

  3. I'm an admirer too. I was thinking of our choices being young ... as Patricia says here. We're all living in a sort of fanatasy world when choosing heroes ... I'm sure we're all (or most of us) aware that our choices of hero are living in worlds remote from our own particular circles. But isn't this what it's all about? Admiring the unattainable, whatever the age, makes our lives and work worthwile! Enjoy! (Chrissie)

  4. Yes, Benedict is lovely and makes a great Sherlock Holmes! But I'm rather partial to cuddly John Watson (Martin Freeman) too. They're both heroes in their own way.