Thursday, 13 December 2012

Advent Heroine - White Vision

Thousands of pigeons were used in World War II to carry messages in either special containers on their legs or small pouches looped over their backs. Pigeons were dropped by parachute to Resistance workers in France, Belgium and Holland.
Having flown 60 miles over heavy seas with poor visibility and against a headwind of 25 miles an hour, White Vision arrived at her loft with a message giving the position of a ditched aircraft. As a result, the aircraft was found and the crew rescued.
She was awarded the Dickin Medal, popularly called the animal VC, for ‘delivering a message under exceptionally difficult conditions and so contributing to the rescue of an air crew while serving with the RAF in October 1943’.
We could start a debate about the use of animals in war, but instead will simply marvel at, and raise our glasses to, all heroic animals including search and rescue dogs in disaster areas, animals used as pets for therapy and the many pigeons deployed during wars.


  1. What a good idea! I love the thought of a pigeon who was so valiant. And yes, here's st o all the animals who dedicate their lives to others.
    I love it!

  2. My parents and I have a big fascination with the wartime pigeon activities, and I remember Mum having a big row with my uncle about the parachutes, then going home to find proof in case they had the same argument again.

    An excellent choice of heroine.

  3. We are pleased you both like our choice of heroine.
    Stevie, have you been to Bletchley Park? There is a room full of information about the pigeons used during the war.

  4. What a wonderful angle on what form a heroine can take! Love it. :)