Saturday, 22 December 2012

Advent heroine - Eve

Audience participation is required with this one! Let’s consider the role of ‘mother’ as a heroine and start from the beginning with Eve. Some people believe we all came from one mother. Poor old Eve had no mother or father; she was fashioned from her husband’s rib from whence comes the name ‘woman’. Having succumbed to temptation, she was punished with the physical agony of childbirth and sentenced to being under the power of her husband. She had three children: Cain, Abel and Seth and is known as ‘the mother of all the living’.

The accomplishments of most mothers are numerous and often tend to be overlooked or taken for granted. Not all people will regard their mother as heroic and the empty photo frame is for you to imagine your own picture of ‘mother’. It might be your own mum, yourself, or a fantasy one. It could even be Eve.


  1. Nice one Patricia. I like the idea of Eve being a heroine!
    Have a good Christmas everyone.
    Love Chrissie

  2. God made Adam first and obviously wasn't satisfied. The second time he got it right. I think being the only one able to conceive gives us the upper hand. What would men do without us? If we go on strike, it's the end of the world.