Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Advent Heroine - Grace Darling

The most famous of all lighthouse keeper's daughters.

In September 1838 when the SS Forfarshire floundered on Hardcar Rocks near Longstone lighthouse, 22 year old Gace helped her father rescue the survivors by rowing their boat out to the rocks in treacherous conditions. Grace was left alone in the boat trying to control it against the vicious storms while her father checked on the survivors clinging to the rocks.

The daring rescue caught the public interest and Grace received £50 from Queen Victoria. She was also awarded a silver medal from the Royal Humane Society and a medal for gallantry from the National Insitution for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck (now the RNLI).

Grace died four years later at the age of 26 from TB.


  1. The sea can be both compelling and frightening. A brave woman (along with her father) indeed. What a short life she had. Her memory lives on.

  2. Thanks for your post. Just to let you know that I've nominated The Pocketeers collectively for the 'Very Inspiring Blog' award (details on my blog).

  3. Can you believe she only got £50 for such a feat? I know it was worth a lot more at the time but even so... Long Rock is a dangerous area at the best of times.
    What a nice nomination .. thank you Wendy

  4. What an heroic feat for a woman in the early 19th century and so sad that she only had such a short life. Am really enjoying these heroines and learning so much about women [and doves] I never knew.