Sunday, 9 December 2012

Advent Heroine - Mother Teresa

After she took her religious vows Agnes Gonsche Bojaxhiu chose the name Teresa after the French saint Teresa. She then received permission from her supervisor to leave her convent and go to work with the poor of Calcutta. At times she was forced to beg but what began as a small group of volunteers eventually became a worldwide centre caring for the refugees and outcasts of every nature.

When she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her work amongst the poor the funds were giving to help the poor. She insisted she did not need earthly rewards.

In 1983 her health declined and she suffered a heart attack followed by a secon in 1989, necessitating the insertion of a pacemaker. In 1996 she suffered a fall and a bout of malaria further weakened her health.

She died on 5 September 1977 aged 86, mourned by the world and leavikng a legacy of hospices and orphanages throughout the world.


  1. She was quite amazing in what she did and a worthy heroine. I think she died in 1997?

    1. You're quite right Chrissie. She died in 1997 not as I erroneously put in 1977. My fingers went too fast. Very sorry.


  2. I remember all the news reports of her, a tiny woman who quietly achieved extraordinary and great things and seemed totally selfless. Thank you for this Margaret, a worthy and unusual heroine.