Thursday, 20 December 2012

Advent Heroines Number 20 The Duchess of Cambridge

There are some heroines who come in blazing, fighting, triumphant, energetic, spikey. There are others who win the day through sheer quiet determination. Kate Middleton is one of those. The recent history of the Royal family has been a troubled one. Like a tv soap opera, the lives of the Windsors has played out with drama - some cringe-making mistakes, some tearjerking tragedies have beset them in recent decades. At some points, the present Queen's long reign threatened to look more like an episode of Eastenders than the sedate, regal progress it should have. Kate Middleton had a lot to live up to when she decided to marry into 'the firm'. She would inevitably be compared to her absent mother-in-law and the press, given half the chance, would have a field day with her.

But she has proven to be made of stronger stuff. With a rock solid family behind her, she has in a very short time built a significant following. Quietly glamorous, appealing to young and old, she helped to make the Queen's Jubilee year a great one for the Royal family, helping to turn their fortunes around and strengthen their brand. With a baby on the way, she has fulfilled everything expected of her and more. A thoroughly modern heroine with very traditional values, she has put the first family in the land firmly back on track. They are indeed lucky to have her.


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  1. Oops, nearly missed this one! She's a lovely breath of fresh air, isn't she?