Friday, 7 December 2012

Janes Eyre

From a harsh childhood controlled by unfeeling adults, Jane Eyre has to rely on her own courage and convictions to make her way in the world. She longs to learn. She dares to dream. Employed as a governess, she travels across the bleak Yorkshire moors to the mysterious Thornfield Hall – a house of locked doors with a dangerous secret.

There she meets the strange, sardonic and intriguing Mr Rochester.

Can the constraints of society and the dark past be overcome? Should Jane trust her head or follow her heart?

I've always loved this story ... it has everything in it for me. I know lots of people don't like it but it races through giving satisfaction right at the end. I hope some people share my views!


  1. Chrissie - I totally agree, I've read the story several times, it's wonderful. In fact, you've inspired me to get my copy out again and have another read. Shortly after reading this the first time as a teen, I discovered the gothic novels of Victoria Holt - what a treasure chest!

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    2. Glad you also liked it Carol. I also plan a re-read sometime soon! My husband also loves it ... he said it made such a change from the duller stuff they read at school.

  2. Great choice! I think I've read it several times and seen most of the adaptations, though not all. My favourite was the one with Timothy Dalton. Yes, he was too handsome for Mr. Rochester, but still ... Timothy Dalton!