Saturday, 12 November 2011

Looking for Men

Coincidentally, as Sally was posting her blog about heroes, we were looking for men on the internet even though we’re both happily married. Work on the character profiles for our latest pocket novel had begun. We really enjoy this and hope to find our dream person – in fiction, of course. We both have to be happy with the pictures and along the way all manner of dishy men were turned down. The final choice for our hero is a young Robert Redford.
The other people were found more easily.


  1. Oh yes, young Robert Redford. Sigh. Finding a suitable hero is one of my favourite parts of writing romances. Sometimes I almost forget to write the novel ;-)

  2. And by the magic of blogger (with a little help from me) Robert has appeared above your post ;-)

  3. Robert Redford was so lovely in so many films, thanks for the reminder Patricia and for the photo Sally, what a jawline, what hair, sigh....