Saturday, 12 November 2011

I finished a book!

I'm in that strange mood ... jubilant at finishing a book and a feeling of bereavement because I've said goodbye to some friends. They have been living with me for some time and now they are gone. The other thing that hits me at this time ... there are all the bits of the real life waiting for my attention. I had the best excuse to leave dust settling, ironing ... you know the sort of thing and now there's no reason to avoid doing ordinary stuff.
I could always begin the next one on Monday???
Have a good weekend
Love, Chrissie x


  1. Finishing a story is a bittersweet feeling, isn't it, Chrissie? I always feel relieved, but also really miss my characters when I've said goodbye to them.

  2. Hi Chrissie, you're right, real life comes crashing in once you've finished something major. Writing is the perfect excuse NOT to empty that dishwasher and do that gardening!

  3. Now I'm really excited ... Tracey received the book this morning, read it right away and has just bought it! And it's only Monday afternoon

  4. Fabulous news!!! Really pleased for you.

  5. Ironing - what's that Chrissie?!!!!!