Friday, 18 November 2011

Fancy writing two 50k pocket novels in 100 days?

If you've dreamed of writing a pocket novel (or two) here's your chance to do so with support from other writers. Starting 1st January 2012 and ending 9th April 2012 I am running an initiative to write 100,000 words in 100 days. That works out at 1000 words a day. It's free to take part, and there are no tests at the end. I don't have any fancy equipment like NaNoWriMo so the challenge works on an honour system alone.

Of course you don't have to write 2 pocket novels. You can write 1 pocket novel and a whole bunch of stories. Or you can write whatever you want as long as it's creative writing. But this being a pocket novel blog, I reckon pocket novels are the way to go. I'll be writing at least one. My suggestions for what you can get out of your 100k words are here. And there's a Facebook events page here.

And the picture of Hugh Jackman? Well he's just there to inspire your New Year's resolution. If you don't do it I'll send him around ... no, that's not it. If you do succeed I'll send him around (disclaimer: promises made by Sally Quilford regarding Hugh Jackman are not legally binding).


  1. Phew, way to go Sally! I've just finished a 25k novella and that just after a 50k one which I'm just revising. It was hard work but gives you a real sense of achievement. For anyone taking up your challenge, I'd say use these 5 weeks wisely to do character studies, think of key scenes, collect information on settings etc Then, when it comes down to putting pen to paper the 1000 words a day should be do-able. 'Cooking' your story before hand makes it much more easy to dish up when you're sitting in front of that blank screen!

  2. Absolutely, Cara! It's a good idea, whether writing a novel, or short stories, to have a plan for what you might want to do, even if it only involves a lot of prompts. I'm just waiting on the response for my 'Derbyshire Hunks' series with Siren Publishing and if they accept the first one I'll probably be working on the next two.

    Also, Kate Allan has kindly invited me to set up a group at the Festival of Romance page. As soon as I've done that I'll post a link for anyone wanting to join in over there.

  3. Could you please change your background colour as it's very hard on the eyes.