What is a pocket novel?

Pocket novels are a genre in themselves. Their chief attribute is their size, short and sweet. Around 50,000 words, they can be read in a day (yup I know you can read a 100,000 word novel in a day but it'll make your eyes grit-up!). The joy of pocket novels is that they're a quick, satisfying read and that they're easily carried around. They all contain romance which is great because that's what makes the world go around. They also contain adventure, exotic locations, suspense, historical settings, crime, medics, westerns (absolutely, that's cowboys and indians folks), family themes, even now paranormal themes. That's why they're so wonderful it's a real pick and mix of different genres but every one's a darn good easy read with identifiable characters and a happy ending. They're the sort of read where you close the last page, go ahhhh and reach for the next one. We hope you enjoy each and every one of them and this blog.