Wednesday, 27 March 2013

E books

Having read numerous articles and everyone's helpful advice I've decided to put my backlist on Amazon.

The physical part of converting my work was not as difficult as I'd feared. Amazon issued very issue to follow instructions and I didn't actually reach the 'head banging' stage as I thought I might. I am not the most techie person in the world and that is why I've lagged behind everyone else.

Having said that, my progress has been delayed. Going back over my earlier works has made me realise how much my writing has changed since I started doing pocket novels. The earlier works I've had to seriously re-write in certain places. I rather rushed into the first two but now I am on my third one I can see it will form a major part of my year's work to convert them.

Some of my work doesn't flow too well and although the stories are only a few years old they have become dated. In the modern world of technology I suppose that it inevitable but it suprised me. I think it's a very good exercise to get out some of your older work and look at it. You realise you are in danger of repeating phrases, plots, even names. It exercises new writing muscles and of course reading the stories with a fresh eye after a long break away gives you a different perspective.



  1. I've put a lot of my books on to Kindle too. I didn't find it difficult. I admit my husband did some of the conversion for me but hey, that invloves him too. I suspect they've changed since my earlier ones and don't need the work he was putting into doing the 'go to' pages. It will be interesting to see how they sell in this increasing digital world. Best of luck to everyone who is going down this route. Love, Chrissie.

  2. Hi Margaret, well done you and Chrissie, I really admire your enterprising streak. I am keen to go down that route as soon as I can get a break in the writing. I certainly have some novels knocking around that for one reason or another couldn't find a home. I think it is like looking at a very steep hill. You know you could get up it, it's just taking the first step! Good luck. Cara

  3. Well done to all who put their work on Amazon and good luck.
    It's true what you say about things becoming dated, Margaret. Also it is easy to fall into the habit of inadvertently repeating phrases and situations. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Well done Margaret and good luck with sales. I agree, it's important to rewrite if necessary when making our older work available for sale in the new Ebook format. I have been rewarded by making my backlist digital both in ever-increasing sales and some lovely positive reviews.

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