Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Where Next?

You have sent your perfectly honed pocket novel, short story or longer work to a publisher or editor. While you wait optimistically for word from them, you can now turn your thoughts to a ‘normal’ life.
What will you do? Visit friends, go shopping, have a holiday? The possibilities are endlessly exciting. You will be able to catch up with the homework for your writing or reading group, the date of which usually catches you by surprise.
On the down side, you also have no excuse not to get up to date with dusting, ironing and other riveting chores around the house.
Then, out of nowhere, a thought, phrase or scene flits across your mind and you reach eagerly for the notepad that is always close by like a con-joined twin. You’re off again into the world to which you are addicted.
Good luck with your writing.


  1. Hi Patricia - I always start a new something, anything as soon as I've sent off my work in progress. Not to means that the writing muscle is not being exercised and that gets it out of condition. I just sent off a pocket novel recently and, thank heaven, I have an idea rattling around for another. Saturday is the day I've designated to start it and I'm raring to go!

  2. Oh, and sorry, I forgot to thank Noelene very much for her kind comments on The Sanctuary - glad to know someone's reading it!

  3. I agree Cara .. I send one in and immediately start another.
    But you're so right, it means you can ignore the mess around for a while longer. 'Just into my new one' is my favourite saying perhaps!
    Good luck everyone with all the new titles and subjects. Love Chrissie xx

  4. Hi Cara and Chrissie,
    Many thanks for your comments. We enjoyed The Sanctuary, Cara. Sorry if we didn't mention it before.