Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Moving Forward

Following last week’s post, moving forward is the next stage. How do you do this? For me, it’s a case of following an idea I had ... sparked by something I saw or read, recently or way back. I so agree that once something is finished, it is vital to move on. Makes the waiting for acceptance much easier too!

So, what is next? I decided that I’d write something for People’s Friend for my next one. I was given a gift of a day as a zoo keeper at Newquay zoo last year. I had such a good day, trailing round from one keeper to the next. I started the day helping to make the meals. It was interesting to see what they were given to eat and reading the lists of who had what, was quite fascinating. Various stores provided some of the food and everything had to be of very good quality. I fed lemurs, petted monkeys spent time in the dark with the night creatures and went to the African section to meet up with various mammals.

One of the best bits was sitting with the other keepers for lunch. It was fascinating to hear them chatting about progress with different animals ... who did what and how they’d reacted. I definitely got the impression they were mostly happy people in the career of their choices.

The afternoon was spent feeding penguins, meerkats and standing inches away from a huge lion. He was gorgeous and one of my outstanding memories of a great day.

So, there we are, I have the setting. I can create characters from the beginning they gave me and suddenly, there is the start of my story. It won’t be too much zoo to begin with and there is a rival to the zoo keeper who I suspect will be my hero. But then, she has met someone else so the hero is definitely ‘in waiting’. And her friend’s mother has been taken ill so she is left to cope with everything for the wedding ...

It’s still early days in the process of a story developing but it could work!


  1. what a fantastic gift to be given and how unusual! You've had your research opportunity handed to you and now are going to put it to good use - so much better than simply researching on the internet about zoos (although that has its place obviously). Good luck with the book, I look forward to reading it!

  2. You'll make a great story from this Chrissie I'm sure and no one will be able to say you didn't do your research! Good luck.

  3. Chrissie that sounds like a delightful setting, unusual and how fantastic to have had first hand experience. I already want to read it! It's also a wonderful idea for a present - people are always asking me what I want and so often I just don't know! For a writer, the chance to spend time in a totally different life is truly a gift.

  4. Look forward to reading it when it's done, Chrissie. It IS amazing how something really simple can spark our imagination to venture off into another story. Or, like you, be given the gift of a setting and work from there. I'm about 25% into my latest story. This time, I'm just writing and expanding scenes from everywhere instead of my usual working from page to The End. I'm sure it will all sort itself out.

    1. Thnak you for your generous comments eevryone! I hope Tracey will like what I have sugegsted and I'll get onto to it soon. It is sometimes difficut to decide what you want to write but this one has been simmering for a while. Oh and sorry I didn't include a picture with this one. My computer has a mind of its own and didn;t want me to include it!

  5. We have the best zoo in England here, Colchester Zoo, and we go once a year. Sometimes wish I wrote moderns so I could follow your example and set a story there.