Wednesday, 22 August 2012


There has been a lot of talk about the four new genres Maggies is introducing. My first two published books were crime novels, Sleeping Dogs and Cry Baby, published by Hale. Both books have a strong romantic element and this is why I started writing romantic novellas. Now I am going back to writing crime and romantic thrillers. I hope I can still do it.

Several of you have mentioned rejections. I spent months rewriting a novella only to have it rejected again, and that can be really depressing. Maybe this is the shot in the arm we all need. Our readers will have more choice, and if the new books are on the shelves every week we will have more opportunities for publication.

Being forced to try something new can be dauting - but also exciting. I was quite happy writing romances, but I had got in a bit of a rut and maybe this is the shot in the arm I need. Writing romance is fun, and we all know exactly what we are doing, but perhaps it is time for a change. Romance can still play a big part in a crime novel, whether it mimics Agatha Christie or Martina Cole, and suspense suggests stalkers and psychopathic lovers, so this could be even more fun. Either way, all we can do is give it our best shot.


  1. Hear hear, Fay. Even though I've nearly always written romantic intrigue, this was a shot in the arm for me too, as it lets me take the intrigue part even further than before.

    Writing for Easy Read was like writing for a whole new market, so it made my latest effort feel much fresher.

  2. It's great to have more scope - just need to apply bottom to seat and write!

  3. Can I just hijack this a little to say that my first ever pocket novel, The Secret of Helena's Bay, is free to download off Amazon today. It's to celebrate my lovely new cover (and thank you to Fenella for pointing me in the right direction cover-wise. I have now discovered the wonderful hunk that is Jimmy Thomas!).

  4. You're absolutely right to be positive Fay and look on the new genres as a welcome challenge. I'm thinking of the very open one that invites scarey subject matters, ghosts maybe, anything paranormal etc. I have done short stories in this genre but it would be nice to do something longer. I might make that my next goal!

  5. Fay, it's going to be exciting and motivating to be able to develop the scope of our storylines. It's already making me think outside the square. Interesting times ahead. :)