Friday, 3 August 2012

Easy Reads - The new name for My Weekly Pocket Novels

My Weekly Pocket Novels are undergoing some huge changes, not least that they're now going to be called 'Easy Reads'. There's a link to the new flyer on my blog HERE (click on the 'Easy Read' link - it will open up the pdf flyer). As you'll see from the mock up covers, they're going to be very sassy and sexy looking!

I also put some questions to editor Maggie Seed about the new imprints, and you can read her answers on my blog HERE.

You'll also see in the comments below the first blog post that Shirley Blair popped in from The People's Friend pocket novels to assure everyone that they're not changing at all, and they'll still be committed to the gentle romances for which they're renowned.

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  1. Interesting stuff Sally, and many thanks for sharing the info. It seems that there is an experimental phase going on and that MW are keen to do just that and see what works best. Responding to readers' likes and dislikes is such a useful thing for us authors because there are so many readers out there wanting different things. I hope this will prove to be a really positive time for us all!