Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Gallant Defender - new Regency.

Today I am pleased to tell you that the very last of my backlist from Robert Hale is now republished as an e-book on Amazon. This isn't a pocket novel, but is a Regency in exactly the same style as all my pocket novels. In future all my new Regency titles will be submitted to My Weekly Pocket Novels, as well as appearing as e-books and, hopefully, large print with Linford Romance. Eliza Fox, devastated by the death of her father and future husband, recovers by assuming control of the family estate, firmly believing that matrimony has no place in her life. Then Lord Wydale, a notorious rake hell, wins Grove House from her brother. Edmund Fox returns to his older sister hoping she can save their home. Mr Fletcher Reed meets Eliza who steals his heart and she appears to return his feelings. He is her gallant defender – but can he save his beloved and her younger sister from the machinations of the villainous Lord Wydale? Fenella J Miller

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