Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Because I'm in the midst of typing up all the scribbled notes and plotting ideas and snatches of scenes and dialogue for about a dozen potential novels I've tossed into files over the years, I thought it timely to discuss titles and cover pictures.
My first interest in a book is drawn by both title and cover. As we all know, appearances and perceptions really do matter. Then I flip over to the back cover for the blurb to see if the accompanying story sounds interesting. If it passes those tests, then I read the first page or two. So without drawing in a potential reader through both title and cover images, we risk losing our audience.
I can't start a novel until I have the title. I've been fortunate in that none of mine have ever been changed and we don't often have more than a token input over the choice of book cover if it's published traditionally. In the case of my own self published ebooks, I've been lucky to find pictures that come close to my ideal of what I believe conveys the feel of the story .
My two favourite covers for my own trad published works are the My Weekly Pocket Novel cover for WOMBAT CREEK and the Linford Romance cover for STARTING AGAIN.

For the upcoming large print Linford Romance of GRACE'S COTTAGE, I have sent Ulverscroft the image I used to self publish and they are going to consider using it for continuity of covers across all editions of the novel - paperback, ebook and large print. I can't wait to see how they adapt the image.
I was also ecstatic to discover what I considered the perfect image of a peacock sitting on a bluestone wall for my Australian saga PEACOCKS ON THE LAWN. The homestead was bluestone and the epitome of success as judged by the early sheep squatters which was the theme of my novel was having "peacocks strutting across the lawn". For GRACE'S COTTAGE there is a mystery behind it so I thought the gate leading into it and not knowing what lies beyond captured the essence of the story.
I would like to hear what your favourite titles and covers are for your own books.


  1. I like the covers, they are attractive. But it's premise and content over the covers that draw me to a book every time.

  2. Lovely covers Noelene. I think covers attract me to books but it's the blurbs that keep me reading. My own favourite cover is the recent one for my My Weekly Pocket Novel Take My Breath Away, with 'Cleopatra' on the front. It's stunning in both colour and black and white. I couldn't find anything similar when I self-published so I put an equally breathtaking cover of Jimmy Thomas on the front. It drew a lot of favourable comments!

  3. I am always drawn to books with mysterious gates or half hidden houses - I think it's the potential for mystery and suspense that they offer, so yes, a good cover is essential to attract me to a book. After that, it's the blurb and the first page. If I'm happy with those, I buy the book!

  4. Couldn't agree more, Carol. A half-open gate - what magic lies beyond as it beckons us through? Definitely cover, blurb and first page.