Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Lord Rivenhall Returns – which cover works best?

The Return of Lord Rivenhall was the very first novella I sold to My Weekly Pocket Novel, this was back in 2005. I have since sold another fourteen books to DC Thompson. I have just republished this as, Lord Rivenhall Returns, with another wonderful cover by Jane Dixon-Smith. I have slightly altered the title to fit in with a series of six Lord and Lady books – the second is called, Lady Charlotte's Deception, and this should be out at the end of November
Lord Rivenhall Returns was also the first book I sold to Linford – they have taken all my pocket novels and had ten full-length books as well. Although we don't get paid very much by DC Thomson,the fact that the books can be recycled makes them well worth doing. I also had this title with Regency Reads for several years.
If you were asked to rank the covers in order of preference I wonder which one you would put first – I would rank the Jane Dixon-Smith first: Linford second: Regency Reads third and the My Weekly pocket Novel last. Although this is not the worst cover I've had from them, and the more recent ones have been a lot better. Fenella J Miller


  1. I prefer the illustration in the second one down (but not the font). Second choice is the Linford. Contemporary photographic covers with posed models always look slightly soft pornish to me, and they'll 'date' really quickly. DCT illustrations are still as cringeworthy as ever, although the historical ones do have a retro 'Hammer House of Horror' flavour, which is quite fun. Good luck with the series, Fenella.

  2. I'd agree with your listing - the new one has a far more modern look to interest a reader now which is your aim! Amazing what a difference a good cover makes.

  3. Yes, Jane's cover is exceptional isn't it Fenella? And I've found that Linford usually do lovely covers.