Sunday, 4 August 2013

This is a boxed set of three short romances now available on Amazon. Three books for the price of two, which can't be bad, and great to read on the plane or by the pool.
As soon as Alice meets Leo Grant she knows he is the man of her dreams, but who is the tall, leggy redhead hanging on to his arm? Her sister Lauren and her little niece, Cassie, are both hoping for their own fairytale happy ending, but real life is not that simple. Leo has no time for romance, and a fairy story sometimes has a dragon hidden in the pages. As things get more and more curious, Alice wonders if she has fallen down her own personal rabbit hole.
When Hope buys an old teapot and gives it a rub, the last thing she expects is for a genie to appear. But Finn Masters is no genie; he is very real – and very attractive. Finn’s financial problems and the old house he has inherited are none of Hope’s business. She is already engaged to Todd and plans for the wedding are underway. Falling in love with Finn is not a good idea. Luckily, when Hope has to choose between love or marriage, she still has one of her three wishes left.
Lucas Fairfax is an enigma, a millionaire with a secret, and an interview with him might get Alex back her job as an investigative journalist. But one lie leads to another – and Lucas is particularly fascinating. Alex talks her way into his luxury villa in Marbella and finds herself in charge of Mallory, Lucas’s seven-year-old daughter. Alex is falling in love with Lucas, but she has lied to everyone, and when Lucas’s mother arrives she is forced to make a desperate decision.


  1. These sound great Fay, hope they do really well. Cara

  2. Thanks for letting us know, Fay. Good luck with them.

  3. I love boxed sets, and from a writer's point of view they are always good sellers. Rx