Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Chocolate Heroes

Is this a chocolate hero?!

A publisher of romantic fiction asks its potential authors to depict their heroes in terms of chocolate. We described one of our heroes as soft caramel with a touch of sea salt.

To tempt your tastebuds, types of chocolate bar include caramel brownie, strawberry cheesecake, nougat crunch, coffee blast and orange intense.

Trying to match people to a chocolate or chocolate bar is quite difficult and we expect everybody would come up with different ideas. Do you agree with the following or does the chocolate not match the person?

Usain Bolt is handsome, tall, athletic and fiery. He’s like lightning, exotic and not too serious. It doesn’t exist as far as we know, but an unusual mix of chilli (fiery) and coconut (exotic) chocolate perhaps.

Mr Darcy appears cold, aloof, proud, arrogant and unsympathetic. Actually he has a generous and upright nature. Which chocolate has an illusion of darkness, but is really quite scrummy? 80% chocolate with smooth, soft caramel inside (harsh and bitter on the outside and soft, smooth and comforting on the inside).

Nelson Mandela has been described as welcoming and friendly with a relaxed charm. He has been concerned with the truth and is regarded as having a moral authority. Gentle with a core of steel. Possibly smooth milk chocolate with hard caramel or divine hazelnut.

Lord Voldemort is powerful, intelligent, evil and has no conscience. He cannot comprehend love or affection and feels superior to everyone. He has been described as broken up and held together. Wasabi chunks encased in 99% chocolate, but that’s another invention.

What sort of chocolate would your hero be?


  1. An interesting idea! I love dark chocolate, intense in flavour and with a hint of smooth sweetness. I think this will also describe many of my heroes. I'll certainly think about when I'm writing.
    Love Chrissie

  2. Love the idea of wasabi and chocolate, I reckon no one's come across that one before. This is a really fun way of getting us to think about our heroes and let's face it, who doesn't like chocolate? I think we've neglected white chocolate here and I'd like to suggest it for Simon Pegg, the star of films such as Hot Fuzz and Sean of the Dead. White chocolate because with his boyish wide eyed looks he reminds me of the Milky Bar kid but the centre would have to be bubbly like Aero chocolate and minty because I reckon anyone with that sense of fun would be a zingy, lovely hero to spend time with and I love a hero with a sense of humour. Cara

  3. Chrissie: Dark, intense, smooth and sweet – yummy. It’s time to raid the cupboard.
    Cara: Lindt make a wasabi chocolate bar, but it doesn’t have chunks of wasabi and it isn’t 99%. Bubbly and minty – what a scrummy hero.