Saturday, 13 October 2012

Barbara's War

I am very excited to tell you the first of my mainstream, non-Regency, titles is now on Kindle and Create Space. "BARBARA'S WAR by Fenella J Miller is a gripping tale of a young woman in wartime changing the course of her unhappy life. Some very dark moments. A really excellent read. Maureen Lee ‘An captivating story, so evocative of the period.’ Jean Fullerton. "If you liked War Brides you will love this book." Barbara Sinclair is desperate to escape from her home in Hastings. Her beloved half-brothers, Tom and David, are being sent to boarding school because the town is likely to be a target of the German Luftwaffe when the bombing starts and John Thorogood, a childhood friend, is also leaving to join the RAF. Caught up by the emotion of the moment Barbara agrees to marry him when the war is over. She discovers her paternal grandparents know nothing about her and she is determined to find them. Dr Edward Sinclair, her grandfather, is delighted to welcome Barbara to her father's ancestral home but her reception from her grandmother is frosty. Nevertheless, she is enjoying her new life. Barbara is obliged to return to Hastings and her grandfather accompanies her – this visit changes her life for ever. Now she not only has John as a dear friend, but also has Simon Farley, the son of a local industrialist and Alex Everton, a handsome Spitfire pilot, taking an interest in her. Then everything changes. Evil stalks her paradise. Will Simon, Alex or John be the man to save her life?

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