Monday, 18 June 2012

The Pocketeers go to America...

Well, it took some doing, but at last I have a book on sale with an American e-publisher. Astraea Press are new and innovative.
My experience with Astraea has been wholly positive. They are endlessly patient and encouraging. This book, 'The Sanctuary' was originally published by People's Friend as a pocket novel and thereafter in large print by Ulverscroft. Neither of these publishers take e-rights so the book was available to offer elsewhere. I was delighted when Stephanie Taylor at Astraea said her reader loved it. The book had to be edited for the US market but I had a wonderful caring editor in Kim Bowman. After various versions had flown to and fro in e-mails across the Atlantic, we were finally ready to launch as a new release on their website I'm really pleased with the cover and it's great to be with such a forward looking publisher. One of their ideas for a book club was recently featured in no less than the New York Daily News.


  1. Oh well done, Cara! I was wondering about Astraea the other day, so might have to seek them out.

  2. Thanks Sally, I have no complaints so far! Their newbie authors are doing a twitter party at #APparty today from 5-8pm GMT so if you fancy it, come and join us!

  3. Oops, nearly missed this post! We enjoyed the pocket novel, Cara and wish you all the best with the launch of the e-book. Yes, it's a great cover.