Friday, 2 March 2012

Can you guess the title?

People's Friend always change my titles - I suppose I should come up with something more suited to their line. However, as all my books go on to be released at Linford Romance LP, and as e-books either with Aurora/Musa or regencyreads, I choose titles aimed at those markets. I've actually walked past a pocket novel on more than once occasion not realizing it was one of mine.
My Weekly have only changed a few of my eleven books - which made it a lot easier to remember to buy a copy when they came out.
Now these are the original titles -can you match them to the covers? I've put in one that hasn't been changed just to make it harder.
Miss Bannerman & The Duke,
Miss Shaw & The Doctor,
An Unexpected Encounter,
A Country Mouse,
Wed for a Wager
I will send a copy of my most recent title with Aurora/Musa - Miss Bannerman & The Duke - to the first three correct answers. Good Luck! This book is a Best Book on a review site - The Long and Short Reviews - and is up for Book of the Month 3/4th March. Please vote if you have time.
Many thanks


  1. Ooh Fenella, I so often have the same problem. I've stopped giving too mmuch thought to choosing a title as they are usually changed. I've been disappointed several times when I thought my titles were better. I called the recent one "Love Has No Bounds" ... I wonder what it will be called? I htink that one is so apt for the story. New computer now up and running and I'm desperately looking for familiar things so no time to do your comp but I can guess some of them I think! Chrissie

  2. It took both Sally and I hours to sort out the covers -would have been quicker
    to do a written blog. Thanks for posting.

  3. I've only ever had one of my titles totally changed (so far) though others have had minor changes. Sunlit Secrets was originally called Just Like Jesse James (which I much prefer but I guess sounds unromantic). Minor changes include True Companion becoming My True Companion. An Imitation of Love becoming Imitation of Love, and Mistletoe and Mystery becoming Mistletoe Mystery.

  4. Hardly a change at all compared to mine. I wish Robert Hale had changed the titles of two of my early books - A Dissembler and The Mesalliance were not good choices as they were hard to pronounce and a lot of readers didn't know what they meant.

  5. Hi

    I think My Daring heart is Miss Bannerman and the Duke, Saved for Love is Wed for a Wager, Miss Shaw and the Doctor is To Love Again, An Unexpected Encounter is Your Tender Heart and A Country Mouse is A Journey to Love..... I often wonder looking at my PLR figures how much the title has in determining how often a book is borrowed. It's so clear from the re-titling though that romance is the big selling point! Lovely covers Fenella and well worth all the effort of getting them up there. Cara

  6. Cara, thanks for doing my little quiz -but I'm sorry you haven't got it right.
    PF obviously know what sells for their readership as do Linford romance.