Saturday, 4 February 2012

Discussion on my blog today - Crossing Over To The Light Side

The discussion on my own blog today is related to writing pocket novels as it grew from a discussion in my current Pocket Novel Workshop. It deals with the problems of staying on the light side of writing.


  1. Hi Sally, interesting post on your blog. I have to struggle to be lighthearted because although I'm an optimist at heart, it's much easier to get drama out of a tense, difficult and often grim situation than it is out of a jollier one I find. Most people though love lighthearted reading. I watched an interview with Alexander McCall Smith, the author of the Lady's Detective Agency books which are so popular. He does deal with murder, death and mayhem but his central characters are lovely. What he said intrigued me which was that it is the kindness of his characters which he majors on, Mma Ramotswe is a kind woman and there's a lot of kindness in most of the main characters. So, whatever difficult stuff is going on, there's always a soft cushion of kindness. Something I shall remember when I write my next pocket novel.

  2. Yes, I love the Number 1 Lady Detective Agency books, Cara and agree about the characters. I think you can deal with a lot of things with humour and with characters who are essentially nice.

  3. Great post and so much truth in there. I'm convinced the knack for writing lighter fiction is very underrated.