Saturday, 14 January 2012

Unashamed plug for Command Performance

Command Performance available from Bookstrand Romance

Not a pocket novel, but a new ebook by me, called Command Performance, which is available from Bookstrand Romance. (and will be available from Amazon in a week or two). Those familiar with the New Voices comp from Mills and Boon might remember this as The Venetian's Command Performance, which was my entry the year before last. It didn't get anywhere but lots of people asked me to finish the story of Vittorio and Lindi ... okay about five people asked, but it's still nice that they did ask! I completed it and changed the title to something a bit snappier. So if you got a new Kindle for Christmas and enjoy category romances, this might just be for you.


Wealthy Vittorio d’Este believes in protecting his family, which is why he does not want his nephew, Marcus, to marry songstress Lindi Baker. On the pretext of finding out if she is a suitable mate for Marcus, he orders her to his private island for a command performance. But Lindi is not what he thinks she is. She, too, brings out all his protective instincts and teaches him how to love again. But how will he react when he learns that she has lied to him?
Singer Lindi Baker has been bullied for years, so she is in no mood to be commanded by Vittorio d’Este, no matter how gorgeous he is. Lindi agrees to accompany Vittorio to his private island at the behest of Gemma, who is the one really sleeping with Marcus. Unsophisticated Lindi does not realise until it’s too late that her own heart is at stake.


  1. This sounds a wonderfully intriguing story, Sally. So glad you're plugging it. All the very best to you!

  2. Thanks Patricia (Ruth/Mary)! I really enjoyed writing this one. Vittorio is to die for!

  3. Hi,

    Ha, I vaguely remember this one! Thought it good at the time of M&B NVC. The best ones failed to get through to top-spot, and of the ones that did, well, say no more. Yet, of those that did I don't recall their making it through to publication But that's comps for you.

    Good luck with sales.


  4. Hi Francine, I was surprised at some entries that got looked over (I don't count my own in that, I hasten to add. If it didn't win, it didn't win, fair enough). But I guess M&B know better what they're looking for. I think they've published a couple of them from that year. I left last year's alone completely as I just wanted to get on with writing rather than maniacally checking the new voices page every hour of the day.